About Us

AMFRESH UK operate from a state of the art facility built in 2017 in Alconbury. AMFRESH UK source the freshest fruit in Spain, South Africa, Chile, Peru and many other countries via a global network of farming partners to focus on delivering top experiences for consumers by sorting, processing, packing, storing and shipping product for the UK’s leading retailers.

Next generation of Fresh produce

AMFRESH UK delivers the next generation of fresh produce varietal innovation to retail leaders in the UK. With strong values and the highest ethical standards, the group have a strong stewardship for the progress of the food industry that will benefit consumers, communities, partners and the land.

Our Products

We are committed to deliver exceptional, high-quality fresh produce sourced from the best farms and origins and implement rigorous sustainable, technical and quality control standards so as to make people smile across the world.



Tropical Fruits